MTC & MYT Membership

MTC has presented great theatre shows in the past. What makes us as dynamic as we are is that we involve people of all ages and all walks of life. It’s a great way to get to know people in your community. There’s the thrill of actually doing a performance in front of an audience and there’s the satisfaction of supporting a cast that is out there, representing the team.

MTC operates on the energy of its volunteers. Why not join us? Try your hand at producing or directing a play. Overcome those shy spots and get up on stage or be in the shadows and give the crucial support for what’s happening onstage. Whatever it is, you will be surrounded by people who know what it means to stick your neck out and give something a go. We can utilise painters, carpenters, artists, dancers, singers, actors, organisers, experienced and inexperienced. The common thread is that you will do what it takes to get something done.


Membership fees

Annual: Adult – $15. | Student – $10. | Family – $30.
Single Performance: Adult – $7.50 | Student – $5.

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Malanda Youth Theatre

Malanda Youth Theatre (MYT) welcomes students aged from 9 to 18. With 7 competent adult MTC members as tutors, we aim to present two shows a year as well as participate in one act play festivals with the seniors. The shows we’ve produced thus far have been very entertaining – we can tell by the grins on the faces of our patrons and from the feedback that we receive from parents and students.

The program begins at the start of the school year in February and runs for the duration of a school term. Watch your local paper or this website (Events Calendar & Announcements) to know when registration is open. For further information, please ring Gill Harrington: 4096 5051.

MYT Membership fees

Student: $50. ($10 membership and $40 tuition, production expenses)
Family: $100 ($30 membership and $70 tuition, production expenses)

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