What is Godspell about?

The Gospel According to St. Grace

Godspell is about rising above the problems of the day to build a world that is “Not a city of angels but a city of man”. It’s as relevant to society now as it was when it was first written and we can appreciate Malanda Theatre Company for bringing it to life at the Majestic Theatre. Yes, it is a religious rock musical but it is cheerfully irreverent without being sacrilegious or blasphemous. It is so high-spirited and joyous, and so full of constant movement, pranks and pantomime, that you can only come away with a spring in your step and a light heart.

Set in the timeless outskirts of a city, everything is black and white, colourless in troubled times where people are asking questions about the quality of their existence and the meaning of life. Jesus’ arrival onstage transforms it into a vibrant, colourful world full of colour, compelling movement, music and song.

The familiar parables are told with inventive twists. The Good Samaritan is a shadow play larger than life that leaves you wondering how they could get a donkey onstage. The parable of the Good Seed is a pantomime filled with grunts, groans, gasps and limp bodies when the seed falls upon barren soil, and hands clutching at throats when it is choked by weeds.

The joy of Godspell stops briefly during the crucifixion, which is about betrayal and turning your back on friends. You won’t find a dry eye in the house during this short but richly moving scene. You will feel goosebumps from the chord that it strikes with you but this energetic, joyous cast will quickly bring you back to a place of light and love. The best thing of all is that it is performed by a broad cross section of young and youngish people from our very own community! That’s what Godspell is about. The combined creative direction of Harrington and Barrett plus the talent and energy of the cast and band onstage guarantees that you will get a great show.

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