Sorting Out Rachel

It’s time to buy your tickets for ‘Sorting out Rachel’.
David Williamson, Australia’s best-known playwright has once again written a tale that tackles social issues that we are all familiar with. Put together a teenager, Rachel, who hates her family and lives on social media, her grandfather, Bruce, who earned his millions by bending the rules and Rachel’s parents, the long-suffering Julie and lazy, money-grabbing Craig and the scene is set for conflict. To this mix is added Tess, Bruce’s illegitimate daughter, who the family had no knowledge of. The conflict now has the potential to become a war. The cast is a mixture of familiar and new faces. Rachel is played by Kaitlen Adams, Bruce by Mark Kerwin, Tess by Lioni Wilkinson, Julie by Catriona Arnold-Nott and Craig by Bill Tranter The cast and crew have been rehearsing and are almost ready for an audience.

Performance dates are

16th October – 7.30pm

17th October – 7.30pm

18th October – 2.30pm

23rd October – 7.30pm

24th October – 7.30pm

25th October – 2.30pm

Tickets will be available from Monday 14th September with reduced seating to allow for social distancing

Cant wait to see you all at the Majestic



‘Book together to sit together’  You may only sit together as a group if you book together. At the time of booking you will need to provide the name of each person in the group.

You will not be able to book specific seats at this stage. Seats will be allocated to groups and individuals when you arrive at the theatre.

The doors will open one hour before the start of the performance.  

Friday and Saturday – 6.30pm   Sunday – 1.30pm

Have your ticket ready to present to the person at the ticket desk.

You will be allocated seats to ensure social distancing.  You must stay in the seat allocated to you.  It is not possible for you to change seats. You will be issued with a ticket indicating your seat number.

You will be required to provide name, phone number and address of each person. This data will be kept by the Malanda Theatre Company for 56 days. This is a requirement of the Queensland Government.

The bar will be open for patrons and raffle tickets and programs will be   available.

Sanitisers will be provided at the entry to the theatre, all service areas and toilets.

People who are sick or have been overseas recently should not attend.

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