Newsletter June 2011b

This newsletter contains 4 notices:

1.Living Statues “Time Stands Still”

2.The Female of the Species

3.Lighting Workshop

4.MTC’s website

1.Living Statues “Time Stands Still”

This performance is on this Sat 25th June from 5.45-6.30pm at the Malanda Hotel.  The cast has grown to an impressive 18 performers ranging in age from 4 to 74. They look great with their period costumes, white masks and white gloves. You might catch some of them at the Family Fun Day at the Malanda Showgrounds and if you miss them there, look for photos on MTC’s website.

2. “The Female of the Species”

Rehearsals are going well and on schedule. Opening night is August 19th so we are gearing up for publicity and ticket sales which open in July. In the meantime, Lucy Morris is gathering a team to paint road signs and banners. This is a pleasant social activity made easier by many hands. Newcomers are welcome. The skills required are being able to hold a paintbrush and follow direction. URGENT: Please contact Lucy to tell her you want to do this. A date to mark on your diary is BUMP IN on Sunday August 14th. Another way you might be able to join in is that we need a day bed to use as a prop. Got one we could borrow? Please contact Jenni Kruck:

You get 6 chances to see this show. You won’t want to miss it. It’s written by an internationally recognised Australian playwright, Joanna Murray-Smith and directed by Grace Chapman. The cast: Marg Procter, Sara Isherwood, Michelle Eugster, Owen Allen, Brett Doull and Peter Hickey. More information will be circulated in the near future.

3.Lighting Workshop

MTC’s Lighting Tech, Cliff Rogers ran a 2 night Lighting Workshop last week. Ten people from across the tablelands attended. We were especially impressed by the level of skill and enthusiasm shown by the teenagers. We’ve got some good technicians coming through the ranks.

4.MTC’s website:

Jim Hill has designed this website. You’ll find photos and videos of past productions as well as newsletters. I was enjoying looking through it this morning. The photos brought up some great memories. If you feel inclined, send Jim some feedback on your favourite show to post on the website:

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