Mervena Watson

MervenaWatson_While you’re waiting for the show to start, turn your attention to the curtains surrounding you. That’s a lot of black cloth! It shapes the theatre and the stage. They’ve been stitched together by longstanding MTC member, Mervena Watson.


Mervena in Sweeny Todd

Mervena in Sweeny Todd

Mervena joined MTC in 1998. Looking for something different to do, she went to see “Ma Baker’s Tonic” and was instantly hooked. Mervena helped with costumes and props and various other roles backstage as well as trying her hand under the lights. She’s been onstage in over twelve shows – some of them award winners (“The Fat Lady Sings in Yungaburra”) – and has enjoyed every minute of it. How did she go from being a novice to onstage? “The friendship and camaraderie helped me with my confidence and made me feel I was part of one big, happy family.” Her talents onstage as a comic haven’t gone unnoticed and nor has her ability to stand still as a statue for long minutes at a time as a gorgeous looking washerwoman!


Mervena fell into organizing the curtains in 2002 and is now referred to as the Curtain Lady. “I enjoy the challenge of each production. I have to make exits and entrances in existing drapes or make new ones. The biggest challenge so far has been  “Habeas Corpus”. There’s always someone willing to lend a hand, like Lorraine Gatti and Barbara Sager, always there when needed. My life in the theatre with MTC has been a very rewarding, fulfilling one and hopefully will keep me busy for a long time to come.”

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