Judy Quilliam

Judy QuilliamJudy designs the programs and tickets, draws up the seating plans and presents them in an orderly package to the ticket outlets.

Judy first became involved in Malanda Theatre Company in 1997, aged 51. She’d been sitting in her “empty nest”, feeling sorry for herself when someone invited her to a Malanda Theatre Company get-together. She was offered a part in the next one-act play being planned and although terrified, decided to give it a go.  The rest is history.

Judy has been in 28 productions in that 14 year period. Her beautiful singing voice and her uncanny sense of timing in comedy are not easily overlooked. Judy’s comments on her association with MTC: “I have loved being part of the MTC family and feel privileged to have played some really wonderful roles on stage.” Some of her favourites are: playing Joyce in “Last Tango in Tarzali” (2001); singing Aeroplane Jelly dressed in a cardboard aeroplane in 2002’s “Over the Top”; being Rosa the gypsy in the melodrama “The Red Barn” (2003) and taking part in all the wonderful productions since then.  Judy enjoys the challenge, fun and companionship of being involved with the theatre group and wants everyone to know that it’s never too late to start doing something that sparks your interest.

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