January 2012

Dear MTC Members and Friends,

In this newsletter:

  • Volunteers needed for “The Importance of Being Earnest”
  • Malanda Youth Theatre (MYT) underway on 8th Feb

Volunteers needed for “The Importance of Being Earnest”

 The cast has been set and rehearsals are underway. Opening night is March 23rd.

Now it‘s time for the support crew to take action. Can you assist in some way?

The Production Team is as follows:

Producer – Maerey McFarlane maereymc@bigpond.net.au

Assistant Producer – Graham Harrington

Publicity – Grace Chapman, who will need a team of helpers.

Acquiring furniture – Dale Roger-Jones

Stage managers – Nicholas Kerwin & Pascal Weigand

Lighting – Cliff Rogers

Sound – Brett Turner

Costumes – Lesley Hoare, who will need assistance

Tickets & Program – Judy Quilliam

Front of House – Jocelyn Harding

Curtains – Mervena Watson

Stage Mechanist – John Williams


Congratulations to those who were cast for our next show:

Jack_______________Luke Vanni

Algernon___________Jake Plant

Lady Bracknell______Gill Harrington

Gwendoline_________Amelia Benefield

Cecily______________Flora Terrens

Miss Prism__________Janet Liston

Chasuble____________Peter Hickey

Lane/Merriman_______Chris Hoare


Regarding the Publicity, Grace will need a team of at least 8 helpers to: paint banners or make up the sandwich boards for the ticket outlets or distribute roadsigns or take photographs of the actors for publicity. Please call (4096 5546) or email Grace (grace@solarworks.com.au) as soon as possible. Today would not be too soon. J


Malanda Youth Theatre (MYT)

 This year MTC is offering theatre experiences specifically for the youth in our community. We invite all 9 to 18 year olds to become members of the all new Malanda Youth Theatre (MYT). This group will meet for the first time on Wednesday 8th February from 3.30-5.30pm at the Majestic Theatre. Membership is $10 per year.

A group of 6 experienced members of MTC, led by Gill Harrington, plan to develop stagecraft and performance skills with a view to presenting shows. Planning meetings have been under way these past couple of weeks to address the possible interests and skills of all ages who become members of MYT. Come along – see what you can contribute to MYT and see what we can do with you. Together we will be able to create lots of opportunities for performance and developing stage craft both onstage and offstage.


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