January 2011

Yesterday I sent out an invitation from Graham to join him for a play reading of the script written by Jim Hill for the Yungaburra Centenary Celebrations. The invitation for the reading was Sun 1.30 pm but that clashes with Gill’s rehearsals for singing at the Australia Day performance in Mareeba. Confused? It’s easy – turn up at the theatre on Sunday 23rd Jan at 10.30 am to read through the script and develop ideas for the Yungaburra Centenary Celebrations (Feb 22nd), have lunch in town then be back at the theatre at 2.00pm to rehearse with Gill for the Australia Day Celebrations (Jan 26th)!


MTC has been commissioned to produce entertainment for the dinner being held to celebrate the centenary of the Eacham Shire (deceased).  The date for this event is Tuesday 22nd February. Jim Hill has written a script based on the very first meeting of the Eacham Shire Council on February 22nd 1911 so the dinner will be held exactly one hundred years after the original meeting.

We are meeting on Sunday 23rd January at 1.30 pm at the Majestic Theatre to read through the script and develop some ideas.  It is only short – about 20 minutes.  Whilst we will rehearse it to get the comic timing right, we do not have to be word perfect because we can have the scripts in hand during the performance.

We are looking for all the men we can get plus two middle-aged ladies and a daughter.

It is going to be great fun to be involved in these centenary celebrations so please join in.  If you cannot get to the Theatre on Sunday please contact Graham Harrington (riflebird@activ8.net.au) to express your interest.

2. Graham has had two theatre experiences recently, which he would like to share

The first is “Songs for Nobodies”, which Gill and I saw in Melbourne.  This is of particular interest because it was written by Joanna Murray-Smith, who also wrote the next play to be produced by MTC, namely, “Female of the Species”.  “Songs for Nobodies” is a one woman show – but what a woman!  The lady in question is Bernadette Robinson.  She presents five vignettes of very ordinary citizens who get to meet five fabulously famous singers.  The singers are Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billie Holliday and ( unbelievably) Maria Callas.

Robinson not only acts all ten parts but she sings for each of the stars.  I would defy anyone to pick that it wasn’t the original artist.  This is a tour-de-force.  It is bound to tour and I would urge everyone not to miss it.  Not only is it an electrifying performance but it is a fabulous piece of writing, which bodes well for our coming play.

The second experience was the Cairns Choral Societies production of “Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat”.  It is simply magnificent with inventive staging and choreography and amazing costumes.  The singing isn’t half bad either!  It has gone into an extended run so you might get tickets if you are quick.

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