Dale Roger-Jones

Dale Roger-JonesDale Roger-Jones has been chiefly responsible for adding colourful dimensions to the stage since 2001. Her first meeting with MTC was through the Lioness Club of Malanda when they did the catering for the theatre restaurants. Ma Baker’s Tonic [1997] was a particularly fun time. There was no kitchen in the theatre and the Lionesses had tents set up in the park across the road. As luck would have it, rain was teeming down during the show so that the caterers were walking through waterfalls to deliver food to patrons in the theatre.
Having a family background in theatre, Dale eventually had a go onstage in the chorus for Robin the Hood [2001]. Someone was needed to paint the backdrops. Never being one to say no to a challenge and being familiar with an artist’s palette, Dale thought she might come to the rescue. She’s been building sets and painting backdrops and performing onstage ever since. “It’s is a very interesting job,” says Dale. “I learn something new every time because of the research that goes into planning a set. I look for pictures of buildings, furnishings, decor and costumes and I work closely with the Director to see what’s needed. The extra challenge is making something out of nothing. That requires some ingenuity. Anyone with an interest in history, interior design, creative building and playing with colour would find this a very rewarding job. No two productions are the same. ”

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