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Bedroom Farce


The Malanda Theatre Company are thrilled to announce their Christmas show Bedroom Farce by that master of comedy Alan Ayckbourn. Set in three bedrooms the action moves from one ridiculous situation to the next. It is high in energy, high in pace and high in humor. An entertaining way to finish 2016!


Performances will be on November 25, 26, 27 and December 1, 2, 3, 4.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances are at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm), and Sunday performances are at 3pm (doors open at 2.30pm).  There will be an interval, and a bar for refreshments as well as tea & coffee available.


Patrons must arrive in time for the show to start, as the set is on the floor of the auditorium, and the seating on the stage, so it is impossible to enter once the play begins.


Tickets go on sale October 31


Also available at Tableland Books Atherton, Elders Real Estate Malanda and ECHO Malanda.



Tickets are $20 for opening night, $25 for all other shows, and $20 for groups of 10+, per seat.

Bedroom Farce has a cast of eight, four couples ranging in age from 20’s to 60’s. The older couple, Ernest and Delia in their 60s, their spoilt son Trevor and his neurotic wife Susannah,  Jan, Trevor’s ex-girlfriend and her husband Nick who is confined to bed (for the whole play) with a bad back, and finally the newlyweds Malcolm and Kate.

The cast includes…

Ernest  –  Mark Baker

Delia   –  Judy Quilliam

Nick  –  Damien Cavanagh

Jan  –  Sophie Irvine

Malcolm  –  Simon Heaney

Kate  –  Cath Moran

Trevor  –  Jim Hill

Susannah  –  Lucy Morris


The action of the play takes place on a Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the bedrooms of Ernest and Delia, Nick and Jan,
and Malcolm and Kate.

Rehearsals have been underway since September, and involve much merriment and occasional stunt work…  The cast and crew are having a blast!  Bedroom Farce is directed by Gill Harrington and produced by Graham Harrington.





Media Venus in Fur Poster A4 findal

‘Seriously smart and very  funny… a suspense-packed study of the erotics of power’  New York Times.  

Malanda Theatre Company’s next production ‘Venus in Fur’  by David  Ives  hits the stage under the direction of Graham Harrington  with Howard Smith and Kirsten Adams playing the two characters.

You will be riveted as the two characters vie for dominance over the other.  Who is this mystery woman who explodes into the life of an unsuspecting stage director, who is auditioning for his new play?  The fact that his play is about a man and woman jousting for control provides a play within a play, both of which have the same theme.  So when are these characters rehearsing and when are they for real?  This question will keep the audience on their toes until the final and unexpected curtain.

You are warned that the script contains strong language which is appropriate for the plot and interaction of the characters. You will be captivated by Howard and Kirsten’s delivery of their characters in this intriguing play.

Only 3 nights:  October 6,7,8.
The play runs for approximately 80 minutes.
Tickets on sale  online Here or Tableland Books Atherton, Elders Real Estate Malanda or ECHO Malanda.


PLEASE NOTE: This play is performed in the round i.e the stage is on the floor. Rows C to A are up some short stairs, elevated off the floor. Rows G to Q face the stage (white space on the booking sheet)

floorplanVIF 4

Dinner deals available Malanda Hotel & Malanda RSL for performance nights – bookings essential. Quote Venus in Fur and tickets must be presented.
Tickets:$20 Opening night, $25 other nights, groups of 10+ $20pp

Only three performances: 6, 7, 8 October, 7:30pm. (Please note opening night is on a Thursday.)



MTC Logo

Malanda Theatre Company
Wednesday, 27 July, 2016
7:00 for 7:30pm
Majestic Theatre
$10 Adult $5 Student age Child

Tickets available at the door

The Wizard of Oz

WOOposterProduced By Gill Harrington

Malanda Theatre Company’s Youth Theatre Group is in rehearsal for ‘The Wizard of Oz’ which will be performed on June 17, 18, and 19 June at the Majestic Theatre.

tom woo ad

The production is based on the Judy Garland film with all those popular songs including ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’ and ‘Ding dong the Witch is Dead’.

The interest in this production was so great that it was decided to double cast the major roles with casts appearing in alternate performances.

The cast includes:

Sahara Gobius and Stella Kanowski as Dorothy

Lily Moore and Matthew English as the Scarecrow

Heaven Arici and Imogen Newton as Tin  Man

James Mahoney and Indio Myles as the Lion

Oliver Perks and Lilykay Oliver as Dorothy’s dog Toto

Mimi Arnold-Nott and  Buckley Weirman as the Wicked Witch of the West

Holly Henricks and Rosa Askey-Doran as Glinda, the Good Witch

And Tom O’Connor as the Wizard of Oz


A cast of more than 50 Munchkins, Citizens of Oz and Winkie Guards means that this will be a colourful and energetic production which should appeal to people of all ages.