About Time Stands Still

Information on the performance:

Photos by Gina Raccanello

Living Statues: “Time Stands Still”

Performance Date: June 25th 2011

Director: Grace Chapman

Director’s Comment: Time Stands Still was born to celebrate Malanda’s Centenary at the Early Settler’s Dinner at the Malanda Hotel. We were to welcome patrons as they arrived for the dinner. The simplicity of its design attracted performers aged from 4 to 74. Some were veteran performers and others were first timers. I was pleased to see how the anonymity of the statues – hidden behind masks, gloves and costumes – provided an opportunity for people who are terrified of performance but curious to try it. Performers were directed to stand as still as possible and never to speak. All movements, when they needed to relieve their muscles, were to be done in character. The more confident players were invited to interact with patrons in a way fitting to their character, through mime.

It was a fun, low stress performance with a great impact. Patrons were tickled by the surprise of people standing so still and somewhat unnerved to think that the statue could be someone they might know. As a performer, I can say that it was actually very ‘relaxing’ to be able to stand still and silent. In this day and age of movement and involvement, it feels good to stand still and silent.