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The president’s ¬†message from the programme:

Welcome to our show “Razzamatazz: Malanda the Musical”. We wrote the script ourselves not simply to celebrate the eightieth birthday of the Majestic Theatre but also to pay tribute to the people who created the highly functional and harmonious comunity, which was, until recently, referred to as Eacham Shire.

Many of the original families are still amongst us. Some of the family names are used on stage but in no way are we pretending to portray real people on stage. The characters in this musical are completely fictitious. In fact the only events that actually occurred historically are the building of the Theatre by the English family in 1929, the opening concert and the showing of the film “The Moth of Moonbi”. The rest is a comic fantasy to make you laugh and sing.

We hope you enjoy it.

Graham Harrington

MTC President 2009 and writer of the script for Razzamatazz

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