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The Female of the Species is a comic play, a farce, a hilarious 100 minute romp about feminism, motherhood, Man and journalism. It’s written by Australian playwright, Joanna Murray-Smith who is a Melbourne based playwright, screenwriter and novelist. Her plays, which include Honour, Rapture, Bombshells, Nightfall, Redemption, Love Child and Flame, have been produced internationally. Her writing is touted to be fluently intelligent and funnier than David Williamson. Find out for yourself.

Margot Mason is a journalist with writer’s block and she’s about to meet the consequences of her thought provoking views on feminism and mothering when young Molly Rivers walks into her house, seeking revenge for what she thinks she has lost because of Margot Mason. Molly’s plans are interrupted by the arrival of Margot’s daughter, Tess Thornton, who is in a world of her own, totally exhausted. Just when the two young women are discovering what they have in common, in comes Tess’ husband, Bryan Thornton, back from Dubai or Shangai or somewhere like that, looking for Tess. He gets more than he bargained for but nothing he can’t handle. Frank, the taxi driver pops his head in the door, looking for roadside assistance and winds up in the thick of the action, could he be someone’s knight in shining armour? Hot on his heels is Theo Hanover, Margot’s dapper publisher. Theo is keen to learn why Margot hasn’t met the deadlines for his publishing house. Just when you think you know where things are going, there’s an unexpected outcome that will take you completely by surprise.

The Female of the Species is directed by Grace Chapman who says, “This play is funny and fast. I’m confident that the audience will be swept along by these extreme characters. There are a lot of laughs and yet a lot of simple truths amidst the chaos.” Marg Procter plays Margot Mason, Sara Isherwood is Molly Rivers, Michelle Eugster is Tess Thornton, Owen Allen plays Bryan Thornton, Brett Doull is Frank and Peter Hickey plays Theo Hanover.

WHEN: August 19,20, 21, 26, 27, 28

TIME: Fri-Sat 7.30 pm, Sun 5pm Doors open 45 minutes before. NO LATE ENTRIES. NO INTERMISSION.

WHERE: Majestic Theatre, Malanda

TICKETS: Opening night  $15 and $20 on other nights.

AVAILABLE: Tableland Books, Atherton and Wait-A-While Craft Studio, Malanda. And online.

Refreshments available. Some coarse language.

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