The 39 Steps


Adapted from John Buchan’s famous novel, but turned into a riotous farce by Patrick Barlow

The Malanda Theatre CO production is co-directed by GILL and GRAHAM HARRINGTON with Assistant Director Louisa Crossle.

The Harrington’s were enthralled by the London production but felt it was too technically difficult  for mTc. But then they saw an amateur version in Torquay, England and were convinced that it was a goer.

Based on the spy thriller of the same name by John Buchan, it is a spoof. Richard Hannay is a gentleman of means living in London. He inadvertently gets involved with a woman, who is on the run from a foreign spy network. They murder her and pin the blame on Hannay. Only it is difficult to work out who are the real police and who are imposters. Hannay is chased to Scotland, where he is trying to deliver warning of an unexplained tragedy. No one is interested except the foreign oglers. He is arrested by the “police” but their car is stopped by a flock of sheep (it IS Scotland!). Whilst they are trying to remove the sheep, they handcuff Hannay to a hostile, female witness. Hannay escapes none the less and spends the rest of the play trying to present an honest, reliable citizen whilst joined irrevocably to the woman. “And then with a single bound he is free”.

Performance dates :

Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July

Friday 2nd,  Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August

Please note:  Sunday performances will start at 3pm to allow our patrons to drive home in daylight. Other nights start a 7.30pm.


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