One act plays

The MTC One Act Plays are back!

Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

Attention all Actors!

Malanda Theatre Co. will be holding a weekend of One Act Plays to be held on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th April at our home in the Majestic Theatre. We are seeking a range of Actors to play a variety of roles in some of the following Plays;

ME AND JIMMY HARRIS – Directed by Gill Harrington

Jimmy Harris , a boy of about 7 or 8 is building a billycart helped (or hindered) by his tomboy friend Karen. Their friendship is tested when a  very feminine girl, Helen comes to the street and  latches on to Jimmy.

The playwright intended the play to be performed by older children or as I think we will do, by adults.

Cast: I male and 2 females.

Running time approximately 15 minutes.

RHINOCEROS HIDES – Directed by Graham Harrington


The play is set outside a city that has just been destroyed by a nuclear explosion. The only survivors are the 4 cast members. The characters are Doolan and Mary-Anne, politicians of the ruling party, Lucas a politician of the opposition party and a female tramp. The politicians wrangle over which of them  is going to rule the  country.

Running time approximately 30 minutes.

TRANSACTIONS- Directed by Randall Kelly

2 Characters, a man and his prostitute meet up in a motel room, for what the audience is led to believe is “Pay to Play” however not all is what it seems, This comedic one act play will leave all members of the Audience crying of laughter.

Running time Approximately 15 Minutes.

DEATH OF A LEGEND – Directed by Mark Baker

When two hitmen turn up at an apartment to have a “meeting” with their target and as they wait for him to arrive, some “Hits” don’t always go to plan!

3 male roles; one aged 18-30 and 2 aged 20-80

Running time Approximately 15 Minutes.

Anyone interested in performing is encouraged to contact the directors respectively.

Graham Harrington E:

Randall Kelly E:

Mark Baker E:

Or contact Malanda theatre Company

Hope to see lots of eager faces at the Majestic


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